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Case Study 1 – Market Research Project

Marketing strategy and product structure for an Australian based global fund manager

Client’s goal:

To review, refine and develop a strategy to grow flows and market penetration on an existing product.

Gateway’s involvement:

Our research project encompassed

  • Analysis of existing product structure
  • Detailed competitor analysis both here and offshore to identify which products in this segment have been successful  and the  product features that were associated with this
  • Quantitative analysis using our extensive Fund databases
  • Primary qualitative research across key segments of the Australian market including financial advisers, research houses, dealer group researchers, asset consultants and superannuation funds to understand the decisions behind what products are bought in this segment

The outcome:

  • Client was provided with:
    • Key findings
    • Recommended Actions
    • Strength and Weakness analysis
    • Summary of all research
    • As a result of the report the client has implemented a series of changes to the product’s:
      • Investment objective
      • Investment mandate
      • Fee structure
      • Marketing material

The client is now in a position to develop a marketing strategy for the Fund confident in the knowledge that it has a very competitive offering in this segment.

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