Insights # 8 Anomalies

The general wisdom around investing is that stock markets are efficient. Investors are rational and are seeking to maximize returns. Of course, however, we see many instances of irrational behaviour. There are seasonal patterns, there are valuation discrepancies, and there

Boutique Fund Managers

Choosing a manager in a crowded market EDWINA BEST and AMANDA RETHUS compares the advantages and disadvantages  associated with choosing a boutique fund manager over their larger counterparts. This article appeared in Money Management February 14, 2008 read full article

Insights # 6 Finding your niche

Today, even in more difficult times the financial services market is overflowing with different investment products, services, advice strategies, portfolio management tools and broad based marketing. How do any of us differentiate the investment products we can offer the market

Asking the right questions

AMANDA RETHUS and EDWINA BEST discuss whether the age-old way of doing thingsis necessarily the best approach when it comes to investments. This article appeared in Money Management November 29, 2007 read full article here.