Insights # 16 The Johnson Report – Australia as a financial centre?

“The Australian financial sector has emerged from the global financial crisis strong, well regulated and highly regarded around the world. For the most part it is competitive, efficient and innovative in meeting the needs of Australian households and businesses. Somewhat

Insights # 15 Working smarter in 2010 – how technology is changing the distribution of investment products

In this Insight we’re pleased to introduce our first guest author, Catherine Frost, a partner from Fortuna Partners. Fortuna Partners provides advice to financial services firms on their fund distribution, sales, marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities in the

Insights # 14 Key insights and takeouts – The Asian Financial Forum, Hong Kong, January 2010 To start

To start with…….. In late January 2010 Gateway Financial Marketing (Gateway) took the time to attend the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong. We were part of a delegation of Australians led by David Thomas from Think Global Consulting. As

Insights # 13 Why international fund managers should care about the Australian opportunity

Introduction The Australian financial market offers international fund managers the opportunity to participate in a sophisticated, liquid and rapidly growing investment pool which has historically welcomed new players and which encourages competition. This Insight paper by Gateway explores why fund

Insights # 12 Emotions and selling

An article in The New York Times published on 10th October this year entitled “When emotions move the markets”1 pointed out that it is a self evident fact that investment markets are driven as much by emotion as by investment

Insights # 11 Why ETF’s have a place alongside active managers in investor’s portfolios

Background Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are gaining popularity in Australia as a quick and easy way into specific market segments. Although ETFs have been available in the US since 1993 and in Europe since 1999, ETF’s are one of the

Viewpoint Managing conflicts of interest – tighter regulation or just being aware?

The way things are….. The Australian financial markets are a complex mix of relationships and inter-relationships. Advisers and their clients have in the past been reluctant to bear the true cost of advice. This has led to a myriad of

Insights # 9 Often overlooked and undervalued – the benefits of PR

How effective is your current Public Relations (PR) strategy for your business? Does your business have a PR strategy? Or is your PR strategy on paper but never really acted upon? Here at Gateway Financial Marketing (Gateway) we felt that

Insights # 5 The Effectiveness of Modelling

A recent book release “Imperfect Knowledge Economics- Exchange Rates and Risk” by Roman Frydman an economist at New York University, Michael Goldberg of the University of New Hampshire and Edmund Phelps, sets out an alternative approach to modelling and prediction,

Insights #10 Researchers – why they are important to our industry and your business

In markets that continue to be volatile and very negative in sentiment, it may be difficult to see how there might be an opening for any new product in the Australian market and harder still to see why fund managers