Insights # 26 FOFA – an update on what, why and who is influencing this impending legislation

Where we are at…….  2011 has again been an extraordinary year in financial services. Amongst the backdrop of continued world investment market uncertainty here in Australia we have seen the proposed legislation for the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) tabled

Insights # 25 What all fund managers need to know about Managed Investment Schemes & RE’s

The constant question Questions that consistently arise when talking to managers both here and overseas are – what is the difference in Australia between a registered managed investment scheme and an unregistered managed investment scheme and why would one be

Insights # 24 Investment Bubbles – Markets Summit 2011 Key Takeouts Investment

Investment bubbles will always be a hotly debated topic amongst the global investment community. There are often discussions that there may be significant bubbles building in the global economy. Do you agree or disagree that this is the case at

Insights # 23 Bye to FIF, hello to FAF

At the recent Australasian Financial Forum chaired by David Thomas of ThinkGlobal Consulting, participants had a very informative presentation from Andrew Clements, a taxation partner at Malleson Stephen Jacques. For this Insight we thought it would extremely useful for our

Insights # 22 The Australian Superannuation Market A Gateway guide for new market entrants Introduction

Introduction Superannuation accounts for in excess of 60% of all funds inflows in Australia. Australians have over a trillion dollars in Superannuation savings. For fund managers, both offshore and onshore it is the ability to tap into this huge pool

Insights # 21 The Financial Services Council (FSC) – representing the industry

The Financial Services sector is now the largest industry in the economy, representing over 10% of GDP and the Financial Services Council (formerly IFSA) is one of the largest and most significant representative organisations in the sector. The Financial Services

Insights # 20 Knowing your competitors – why it’s important for fund managers…

For those of you reading this that have worked with Gateway, you would know that we are always emphasising how important it is to ‘know your competitors’. At Gateway we firmly believe in order to position yourself successfully in the

Insights # 19 ESG investing – is the hype translating into action and what does it mean for fund managers?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly attracting wide attention from all types of stakeholders, from governments and large institutions to ‘mum and dad’ investors. But is this interest translating into demand for ESG funds? Do ESG funds have

Insights # 18 Specialist Australian equity funds – making sense of it all

The Australian funds management market over the past five years has seen an unprecedented increase in the number and types of ‘Australian Equity’ funds available to investors. Ten years ago when investors were making allocations to Australian Equities they were

Insights # 17 The benefits of outsourcing for overseas fund managers

When working with overseas fund managers who have an interest in Australia we often get asked what are the barriers? What are the hurdles? Can we do this ourselves? Can or should we outsource everything? In this Insight we look