Insight # 36 – Retaining your investors – just as important as winning new ones

Too often we deal with fund managers that largely focus on building assets under management and trying to win those elusive new investors at the expense of marketing effort and resources going into existing investors.  There is no doubt it takes

Insight # 37 Investment grade infrastructure

By Jenni Harding, Harbridge Investment Partnerships We are often asked by investment managers “what do we need to do to attract institutional investors?” Occasionally, this question comes from start-up managers who want to target institutional investors from day 1. More

#34 Insight – High Net Worth investors and Family Offices – not low hanging fruit

Over the last five or so years almost every new fund manager that Gateway comes across, whether from Australia or from offshore, tell us  they have strategically decided to focus marketing efforts on the High Net Worth (HNW) and Family

Insight #33 Book Review –‘UnMarketing’ by Scott Stratten

At the core of Gateway’s philosophy is the importance of marketing as a contributor to your business success.  We agree with Scott Stratten the author of UnMarketing when he says the following: “Marketing is not a task. Marketing is not

#32 Hedge Funds – does product structure matter?

Insight #32 Hedge Funds – does product structure make a difference? Background Hedge funds are becoming a more readily accepted asset class in both Australia and overseas particularly with institutional investors. There is now upwards of $2 trillion in assets

# 31 Gatekeepers – an overview of what drives manager selection for Approved Product Lists (APLs)

Our clients often ask us why it can be difficult to be included on a Dealer Group’s Recommended or Approved Product List (APL).  How can it be such an onerous process? This Insight has been written to delve deeper into

Insight #30 In with MIST out with BRIC – does it make a difference?

An article in Business Week late last year by Eric Martin (9 August 2012) was headlined “Move over BRIC’s, here come MIST’s”. Gateway had just completed a project for a BRIC manager and this headline caught our attention – was

Insight #29 -The advancing role of technology based marketing for Financial Services and the role of Social Media

Globally, Financial Services businesses have been slower than other industries to respond to technological based communication and more specifically Social Media.  This is most likely because they have been subject to a number of other major distractions – including continuing

Insights # 28 ETFs v managed funds – not a binary decision

While the use of ETFs continues to accelerate in the Australian financial services industry, institutional investors have been slow to adopt these investment tools. Research and anecdotal feedback indicates the same themes of need for education and investment application still

Insights # 27 Why demonstrating your people power is important!

Is there more to performance than performance? Australian gatekeepers – Asset Consultants and Research Houses, typically say that performance is only one aspect in their assessment of a fund manager. The other elements include people, process, business and philosophy. At