Insight #47 Technology and the impact on administration platforms – what does this mean for fund managers?

Over the past 15 years administration platforms have become an indispensable tool for financial advisers. The large brand name platforms have changed the financial planning landscape for the better in Australia.  These platforms provide Financial advisers and Dealer groups with

Insight #46 – The new world – 2016 a year in review

Like many in the industry Gateway regularly attend market conferences. Conferences we have attended during the course of 2016 have included the Managed Accounts conference, the AIMA Hedge Fund Conference and the IMCA conference. Each has provided unique insights into

Insight #44 – mFunds and why distribution still matters for fund managers

Introduction An mFund is an unlisted managed fund available to investors via the ASX. The ASX launched the service on 8th May this year. Up until now there have been two ways for both direct or advice based investors to

Insight #43 – how to deal with the increasing focus on fund manager fees

Introduction Fees have increasingly become a focus in the investment management landscape in Australia.  Fee structures can make or break independent ratings and often dominate marketing meetings.  Gateway believe that there needs to be greater discussion and transparency around fees

Insight #42 – why all fund managers need a marketing strategy

Introduction Marketing is an essential part of running a funds management business. Investors invest with fund managers they know and trust and like, and they can’t know and trust and like a fund manager unless the fund manager is spending

Insight #39 – Why the perfect marketing meeting is so important

Over the years we have sat through many fund manager marketing meetings that: seem to go nowhere waste time on trivial issues are unstructured do not have a clear direction and audience expectations and outcomes are not defined or sufficiently

Insight #40 – Managed Accounts – MDAs, IMAs and SMAs – why fund managers need to take notice

Introduction Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) are an arrangement whereby a fund manager manages a portfolio of assets for a retail client on an individual basis. There are a wide variety of arrangements that can constitute an MDA. Common types of

Insight #41 Self Managed Super Funds – distribution strategies for a strongly growing but elusive market segment

SMSFs – Distribution strategies for a strongly growing but elusive market segment There is no denying the strong growth in the Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) segment in the Australian market.  As an investor segment SMSF’s cannot be ignored.  So how

Insight # 38 – 10 insights in 10 years

Gateway Financial Marketing:  10 years, 10 insights An insight into the Australian Funds Management Industry As 2013 draws to a close Gateway approaches a significant milestone – 10 years in business.  Over that time financial markets have changed a great

Insight # 35 – when is a hedge fund a hedge fund?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has recently changed the definition of ‘hedge fund’ in a bid to tighten disclosure requirements for what are deemed to be higher-risk retail managed funds, outlined in ASIC Regulatory Guide 240: Improving Hedge