Insight #55 – Australian market entry and how to get it right

A regular line of enquiry to Gateway Financial Marketing is from international fund managers looking to tap into the large pool of funds available for investment in Australia.  The Australia’s Managed Funds 2017 update by Austrade puts that figure currently

Insight #56 – Increased use of Managed Accounts in the Australian financial services industry

Managed accounts have become very popular with financial advisers over the last few years mainly due to technological and regulatory changes. These changes have meant (amongst other things) that clients are able to invest directly in a range of instruments

Insight #57 – The benefits of keeping on learning

Many of us think about further professional study. The key decisions to make are – do I have the time available?  And which course is right for me? After nearly 20 plus years in the financial services industry and her

Insight # 54 To evaluate a fund, here are the numbers you need (and don’t need)

by Giselle Roux Many of us in investment markets are inundated by fund managers seeking to demonstrate their asset management capabilities. The bulk are interesting people who are looking for that silver bullet to outperform a nominated index. They believe they have skill

Insight #53 – Meeting the obligations of your AFSL (RG104) – a refresher

Being the holder of an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) requires businesses to meet certain obligations.  However, meeting obligations is about more than just obeying laws. It ensures that there is integrity in the Australian financial system and more specifically

Insight #52 – Australia’s Changing Financial Landscape

Developments in the financial planning industry are occurring at a very fast pace and have significant potential to impact the take up on Investment products offered by Fund Managers. This Insight has been written to summarise some recent key developments

Insight #50 The big myth behind the fee debate (by Ian Knox, Managing Director of Paragem)

Fees and margin squeeze. It’s the catch cry of the wealth industry, particularly with fund managers. Barely a week goes by without someone announcing fee reductions. But, while it may look like a reduction and that margin squeeze is going

Insight #51 Goals Based Investing – what does it mean for fund managers?

What is goals based investing? Quite simply – goals based investing is setting personal and lifestyle goals and using the financial advice process to produce these outcomes.  Taking it a step further fund managers are now developing products that can

Insight #49 ESG investing (again)

Introduction Back in 2010 over seven years ago, Gateway wrote an article on ESG investing and commented that it was an emerging trend in the US, which was likely to gain influence in Australia in the coming years. In the

Insight #49 – Fund managers and other financial service providers take heed: ASIC Enforcement Report and Corporate Plan

By Warwick Heeson (Lawyer) Oppenheim Legal         Fund managers and other financial services providers need to take a renewed approach to their service and product offerings in order to avoid the regulators attention in light of ASIC’s latest enforcement outcomes and